Lost and Found Labs is the wordshop of Chi Luu, a writer and humble language boffin.

As a writer, I get to work with the good people of JSTOR Daily on the linguistics column Lingua Obscura, in which we investigate the weird and wonderful life of language in society. I have also written for other publications, such as the BBC and Quartz, and from time to time have accidentally found myself on the radio opining about various things linguistic.

As a computational linguist, I work as a researcher and consultant with non-profits and startups on a variety of language technology and digital humanities projects, such as conversational and narrative AI (building bots with a backstory), poetry recommendation systems, spelling, grammar and literacy systems, etc. I also enjoy a bit o’ text analysis of linguistic corpora to see what the cool kids are saying, yesterday and today.

Academically, I dabbled in linguistics, English literature (and early English language) and dead languages, including Latin, Ancient Greek, Middle Welsh, Old English, Old Icelandic, Old Irish.

If you’re interested in discussing writing, collaboration or consulting work, feel free to contact me here.