I am available for writing commissions on a variety of subjects from language, the humanities, literature and technology.

Selected Publications

Luu, Chi (2017) Sentenced to Death (and Other Tales From the Dark Side of Language), JSTOR Daily, Retrieved from https://daily.jstor.org/sentenced-to-death-and-other-tales-from-the-dark-side-of-language/

Luu, Chi (2017) When Did Colonial America Gain Linguistic Independence?, JSTOR Daily, Retrieved from https://daily.jstor.org/colonial-america-gain-linguistic-independence/

Luu Chi (2017) Does Your Accent Make You Sound Smarter?, BBC Capital, Retrieved from http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20170523-does-your-accent-make-you-sound-smarter

Luu Chi (2016) All the crazy ass ways your ass uses the word “ass”, Quartz, Retrieved from https://qz.com/705819/all-of-the-crazy-ass-ways-your-ass-uses-the-word-ass/

(See more of the column Lingua Obscura here).

Radio and Podcasts

I have at times been interviewed for linguistics stories, for example:

Riddle. Mystery. Enigma. on ABC’s Radio National.

Pun Intended, JSTOR Daily podcast.

British accented villains, with Mark Forrest on BBC Radio.

You can also listen to audio versions of some of my articles read on curio.io, such as

Fighting Words with the Unabomber

The Science of Thingummyjigs (and Other Words on the Tip of Your Tongue)